Saturday, August 28, 2010










Monday, August 9, 2010

New Camera

aloha~ about a month din update my blog coz i was daymn busy!!! my july's weekends odi been fully booked..1st & 2nd moved into my new house; 3rd week, dayao camp; 4th week, went 2 penang watch usm's concert n it was a fantastic show!! it's too bad tat we spent too little time in penang, onli 3 days 2 night T.T i luv penang so much. though i went 2 4 several times, i stil luv penang!!! i had a gud time in penang coz i had bought a new camera~ i knew tat nowadays ppl use DSLR but so wat??? as long as i happie~ i wished 2 hav a camera 4 a long time n finally i had it~!!! after i bought the camera, i'm selected 2 be in the photography bureau of my fac's magazine~ hahah!!! here r the photos tat i took yesterday at 1 utama secret garden^^