Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pre- exam - Exam period - Post Exam

oh gosh!! i've ended my 2nd year in my uni life! whuuhuuu~ ;p in this 2nd year, my life seemed to be colurful, but in fact it was not!!! i hate 2nd years n the things tat i've gone thru! i had some complicated feelings in this year 2010/2011 life.


i had several activities during my 2nd year. the biggest n time consuming event was the YLS annual concert as i was holding the production group leader position. it was a tiring job as i finished up the job almost by myself. it's aint tat i din believe in others but they cant commit 2 me. at the end, i became the Cynthia tat i dint know n recognize. i owes had the complication emotions n i was down, emo n bla bla bla. during tat period, all my thoughts was in -ve. i duno y. mayb influenced by surroundings n the people as well. but tat's over. FINALLY. with all my tears n sweat, the concert was considered as succeed coz we had about 1000 audiences. yahooo! the 2nd event was my fac event i was the member of the photographer n designs bureau. initially i was reali into tat event n i promised 2 commit myself. but i ended up with the other way round. coz u dun like the management stuff n i was unwilling 2 serve the ppl tat had different working style with me. 3rd event was the mooting. oh gosh~ during tat period, i was stressed 2 a limit. i was sooooo unlucky as my laptop was not functioning at all after i had completed my oral submission n i dun even do the backup stuff ( usually i did) . i've 2 redo it n nobody was lending their hand 2 me. after 2 years i survived at my law sch, i can juz simply concluded tat every single individuals at my law sch is the best Oscar Actor n Actress! u tot u know him/her well, but the fact is U R NOT! u tot u r his/her frens, but the fact is U R NOT! even if u treat them nicely, they will juz take 4 granted. i've reali done with these kind of faker n backstabber! i reali cant understand y peninsular ppl is sooooooo giasu (no offence, but tis is the truth) n off course, the peninsular ppl will say y the borneo ppl is soooo weired? tat's common.

Exam Period

i hate exams!!! reading law is interesting but i hate exams! i believed nobody will like exams ><'' the exam period was the most suffering time in the entire year coz my course was different from others. our credit hours 4 a paper is 6 credit hours. tat's mean if u had screwed up tat paper, u hav 2 retake the subject 4 a year!!!! so i'm not aiming A o wat, i juz hope tat at least i can get a B-. lolz. coz hav 2 reach the standard of the JPA as well. if not hav 2 compensate Gov RM130k. wat a huge amount~ huh!!! @@ during the last 2 days of the exam was my super duber beh song period!!!! i'll not say rude words unless i'm reali in the anger! i felt being betrayed n sabotaged. i was suffered even i shared the same space with the betrayer n the backstabber. from tat incident, i decided 2 be a fishmonger in the next 4 semesters. in tis world, there's no such thingy as X cant survive without Y n vicer versa. since we had different thoughts n principle, juz dun force ourselves 2 be part of them. i prefer alone rather than a bunch of ppl. at least i wont get hurt. i can do anything by myself. i wont die without u all! dun think how importance u r in tis world. without u, the earth is still rotating n the sun is still shinning! we r juz a mirco thingy in the world.

Post Exam

i supposed 2 be happy but i'm not. initially i decided 2 stay at pj 4 the whole week but when i think tat i had 2 share the same space with the ppl tat i dun like, i felt disgusting n uneasy. so u decided 2 stay at my bro's house even juz 4 3 days! at least i can hav my own time n space. i do not n nid 2 report everything tat i do n c all those faces. i hav my own space at ampang though i had nth 2 do here. lolz~ but when i imagine tat i nid 2 stay at tat place 4 the next year, i'm so frus! i duno whether i can get it thru o not o mayb i'll jump from the 16th floor 1 day. hu knows?

hmmm...the advice tat i giv it 2 myslef : dun think too much n juz c how it will go n how far will it go. everything has the +ve way. every incident has 2 sides, mayb when u use the other stands n thought 2 c tat incident, u'll inspired. Jiayou CYNTHIA! this is a self-challenge n self-tranning period. everything will be fine after 2 years! dun think too much n juz enjoy the upcoming HK trip! ^.^

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